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E. Parker Herring

E. Parker Herring

E. Parker Herring is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist who has practiced family law for nearly 30 years in the Raleigh area. In private practice since 1988, she was a partner at Raleigh firm Johnson Mercer Hearn Vinegar & Gee until she started her own firm in 1999. She’s a member of the NC Bar Association, the Wake County Bar Association, and the NC Collaborative Lawyers.

A mother of three children, Parker has a deep respect and understanding of family law and the adoption process (for which she’s adopted two children of her own). She is the founder and director of A Child’s Hope, a North Carolina licensed adoption agency located in Raleigh that focuses on helping birthmothers and families looking to adopt. A Child’s Hope has placed 315 children since 2000 and is the only North Carolina domestic adoption agency directed by an attorney. Parker even started a nonprofit for advocating for legislative changes, “Friends of Adoption,” and lobbied successfully in 2001 for dramatic changes in North Carolina Adoption Law.

A Raleigh resident since she was young, Parker lived on her grandparents farm until she was four, then moved to Raleigh with her parents and she’s loved it ever since. She attended Wake County public schools, graduating from Sanderson High School in 1971, before attending the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, graduating with a B.A. in Journalism in 1975. Before embarking on a career in law, she worked at Duke Medical Center from 1977-1981 as a medical writer, and attended Wake Forest University School of Law, graduating in 1985.

Active in her community, Parker is a frequent speaker at Continuing Legal Education seminars, and businesses and groups on assisted reproduction and adoption. She’s served on numerous Wake County boards and committees such as Chairman of Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies, Past President of Wake County Family Lawyers Association, Member of the Board of Wake Mediation, Past President of the Women’s Center of Wake County, founder and a Board Member of Hopeful Parents, and a Member of the Board of Trustees of St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. Most recently she co-founded a community swim team “The Mudpuppies” a TSA swim team that swims at Meredith Townes Swim Club.

Email Parker at pherring@foryourlife.com

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E. Parker Herring

E. Parker Herring

E. Parker Herring is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist and has practiced family law for nearly 30 years. She is also the director of A Child’s Hope, a North Carolina licensed adoption agency.

Email Parker at pherring@foryourlife.com

Bobby D. Mills

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Bobby D. Mills, a partner at Herring & Mills PLLC, is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law. A member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorney’s, Bobby’s practice is almost entirely devoted to adoption law.

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