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Family Law is What We Do and All We Do

Since we limit our practice to one type of law, our attorneys are immersed in family law cases all day, every day, allowing us to constantly build our knowledge and expertise to better serve you.



Assisted Reproduction law is new and exciting legal territory and a testament to human technology and progress in making a family a possibility for nearly anyone…



Experienced, aggressive, compassionate representation. Family law attorneys for over 25 years, we handle legal separation, child custody, alimony, domestic violence and resolution…



You’ve heard the saying, ‘Adoption is an Option;’ our skilled attorneys can help make your dreams of adoption in North Carolina a reality. Give us a call today – we handle all…

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E. Parker Herring

E. Parker Herring

E. Parker Herring is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist and has practiced family law for nearly 30 years. She is also the director of A Child’s Hope, a North Carolina licensed adoption agency.

Email Parker at pherring@foryourlife.com

What Our Clients Say

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Melody M.

Child Custody

Many thanks to Herring & Mills for helping me fight for custody of my son. My ex-husband pulled every trick in the book but we prevailed. Thank you again.

Tom & Sarah D.


Parker Herring hit the ground running for us. Our birth mother decided on adoption the day the baby was born. Parker worked around the clock to make sure our adoption went as smoothly as possible.

Sarah Dalonzo and Family
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Jules Redskins O’Neal


I never got to thank Herring & Mills for making the adoption placement of my daughter so … grateful.

Aida Doss Havel

Collaborative law

Parker has truly been a friend to me and to the practice of collaborative law. We’ve had several collaborative cases together, with unique and challenging circumstances. We’ve always been able to help our clients solve their problems in a creative, peaceful, and private manner, in a way which honors their time together while helping them move towards separate lives in the future.

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